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Tequila Trends

Tequila has an enormous history, however it is still continuing to expand in the society we recognize today. In fact, in the last decade tequila trends are bigger than ever. Not only has there been a law passed that permit the bottling and distillation of tequila outside the jurisdiction of the Jalisco vicinity, but marketing for the essence of Mexico has been taken to a new level entirely. With trendy bottles, ultra suave taste, and extraordinary technologies being applied, tequila trends are paving the way to a future generation that is beyond anything that we have ever imagined.

Tequila is not just for traditional margaritas and shooters anymore. It is a widespread liquor that can be purchased in liquor stores, night clubs, bars, restaurants of all types, and in other various places. There are so many drinks that have been developed with the assorted selection of tequila brands and types that are available. More people are beginning to collect the exquisite bottles that are designed especially for collectors. In addition, the taste of tequila has improved with technology and new means to produce the infamous blue agave plant in which tequila is derived from.

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The evolution of tequila trends has come first circle and now there are many different aspects about tequila drinking that everyone, everywhere are participating in.

Here are a few of the newest tequila trends:

  • Tequila bars – There have been bars that have been developed that focus intensely on tequila and tequila only. First of all these bars are well-equipped with commonly over 100 brands of different tequila types. Between the choices of labels, classifications, and prices a tequila lover will definitely embrace this essence of Mexico haven.
  • New tequila brands – There have been many different kinds of tequila introduced such as colored tequilas, super- premium luxury tequilas, and flavored tequilas. This can be even more embellished with the unique bottles, time that the tequila is aged, and quality of the blue agave that goes into making it.
  • Tequila tasting kits – Recently there was a press release that stated that there is now a kit available with micro-bottles of tequila. This cool innovation can allow the consumer to test and try many different brands of tequila to decipher and determine which one they prefer.
  • Upgraded to sophistication status – The biggest tequila trends are the ones that have evolved around tequila gaining an entirely different reputation. It is now considered a drink of sophistication and divinity within its potential to be paired with food, serious traits of premium grades, and new introductions to bars, fine restaurants, and in upscale cocktails.
  • New drinks- Tequila is not for only margaritas and shots anymore, because superior brands and types of tequila are transformed into elite cocktails such as the bloody Maria, Copa Verde, Paloma, and the Anejo Manhattan.

Among all tequila trends is the abilities that manufacturers have to market, make, and distribute their fine tequilas. Classy commercials, ultra suave bottles, and hybrid crops of blue agave are enormous contributors to the finest and best selling tequilas that are made. In addition, technology in science, distillation, purification, and improvements in yielding blue agave is encouraging participants to indulge in the spirit with taste being so utterly refined and smooth. Tequila has earned a new name for itself as the world continues to enjoy the many things it has to offer them, and it is certain with its progress that is not going to lose steam anytime in the near future.

Tequila Quote: Tequila. Straight. There’s a real polite drink. You keep drinking until you finally take one more and it just won’t go down. Then you know you’ve reached your limit. ~ Lee Marvin