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Best Tequila Shots

What would tequila’s reputation be if not for the popularity of taking a tequila shot? Tequila shots are by far one of the most popular shots taken by any of the liquors. It is a bar, nightclub, and party hardy favorite among all genres of people. Most people associate the traditional tequila shot being served in a shot glass with lemon slice in one hand and salt applied to the other. However, there are many varieties of tequila shots. Instead of the traditional tequila shots you might consider some of the other tequila shots that can be just as pleasurable to drink.

A tequila shot is traditional from its Mexican origin. The traditional tequila shot consist of a lemon or lime wedge, salt, and a jigger or shot glass filled to the brim with the best blue agave tequila. There is a tradition in Mexico when a tequila shot is taken it is used in combination with a chaser known as sangrita. This is a liquid concoction of orange juice, chilies, and sweet grenadine. It is sipped on slowly to compliment and enhance the flavor and texture of the tequila shot. These two beverages are integrated and alternated between consumptions.

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When one ventures to the outside of Mexico, there are terms and names for traditional tequila shots. Shots are often called training wheels or tequila cruda. Other nicknames for the popular drink are lick-drink-suck and in the bar scene it is known as the tequila slammer. It is important that an individual know how to drink a tequila shot properly. Here are the directions for taking the proper tequila shot:

  • Lick your hand and sprinkle some salt in the wet spot.
  • Make sure you have a lemon wedge or lime wedge handy.
  • Have your shot of tequila ready to down.
  • Then you lick the salt off your hand.
  • Shoot and swallow the tequila fast.
  • Suck the juice from the lemon wedge.

Now that you understand the traditional version of the tequila shot, it is time to border outside the line and try some new innovations and blends of tequila shots. Here are a few tequila shots and their recipes:

Tequila Head Slam
1/3 oz of tequila 1/3 oz grenadine 1/3 oz of 7-up

Mix together and serve then shoot.

Tequila Gimlet Shot
1/3 oz clear or white tequila 1/3 oz lemon juice (Rose’s) 1/3 oz lime juice (Rose’s)

Fill shot glass with ingredients and shoot.

Tequila Collins Shot
½ oz lemon juice Sprinkle powdered sugar 2 oz tequila of choice Spray of club soda

Mix ingredients in a shaker with ice, and then strain in a shot glass. It can be garnished with an orange slice or a cherry. Drink in a shot glass and shoot it down.

Tequila Body Shot
This tequila shot takes a couple of people, because you need a body present. It is very much like taking the traditional tequila slammer.

Lemon wedge Salt Shot glass filled with tequila

Apply salt anywhere on the body be it neck or navel area, but lick it first to moisten it so the salt will stick. You can also place the tequila shot glass on the persons body and perform it hands free. Then suck the lemon as usual.

Remember tequila shots can be very powerful. There is the saying one tequila shot, two tequila shot, three tequila shot- FLOOR. Just keep this in mind and drink responsibly.

Tequila Quote: One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor. ~ George Carlin