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Tequila Facts and Trivia

There is a lot of controversy and trivia that surrounds tequila. In fact there are pages and pages of folk lore, legends, and stories that have been told though out its immense life-span. Tequila has always been the outcast of most spirits, because of its wild temperament, however in all honesty it has a very serious side as well. Known as one of the most popular spirits in the world, tequila reigns supreme in its authenticity. However there are always doubts to what statements and facts are true and what are false. To clarify some of the misconceptions about tequila facts, here is some very genuine tequila trivia:

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  • Tequila Trivia: Tequila is sometimes been known to be created when a boot of lightening struck a blue agave field. It immediately fermented and cooked the plant and established a nectar
    that an individual drank and became intoxicated with.
  • Tequila Facts: There are about five hundred million crops of the blue agave plant harvested to make tequila annually.
  • Tequila Facts: For an agave plant to mature the process lasts for more than eight years.
  • Tequila Facts: The plant used for tequila- agave, weighs from 80lbs to 175lbs.
  • Tequila Facts: Many people are under the misconception that tequila is derived from a cactus plant, but this is entirely false.
  • Tequila Facts: The famous worm that people think come in tequila bottles are actually placed in Mezcal not tequila.
  • Tequila Facts: The worms that come in Mezcal (tequila) is called gusanos.
  • Tequila Trivia: The United States was introduced to tequila when the imported spirit came in 1873.
  • Tequila Facts: Tequila gets its color from being aged in wooden barrels or by other colored sugars and additives.
  • Tequila Trivia: Tequila trivia doubts revolve around if the Aztec goddess- Mayahuel spotted a mouse sucking nectar from the agave plant and becoming drunk afterwards.
  • Tequila Facts: A fungus known as fusarium threatened the blue agave crops in the 1990’s. It wiped out 1/3 of the crops, and caused havoc among tequila manufacturers.
  • Tequila Facts: There have been organic tequilas being introduced gradually to various states within America.
  • Tequila Trivia: Although there is no worm present in tequila, the worm that is placed in Mezcal is put there to prove that the worm can be preserved by the genuine alcohol content.
  • Tequila Trivia: Lemons and limes are used as a neutralizer of taste when shots of tequila are taken.
  • Tequila Facts: Surprisingly the pollinators of the blue agave plant in Mexico are bats.
  • Tequila Trivia:Some individuals think that Mezcal and tequila are hallucinogenic, however this is not true.
  • Tequila Facts: After the leaves are cut out and removed from the agave plant, the plant core that is left is referred to as a pina.
  • Tequila Facts: The pina of the blue agave weighs from 25-50lbs total.
  • Tequila Trivia:In ancient eras in Mexico the Aztecs drank pulque the nectar from agave for religious purposes.
  • Tequila Trivia:Some college traditions call for fraternity members to consume the worm that is contained in Mezcal.

This is only a short summary of the tequila trivia that exists. There is much more to be said and found on the popular spirit that many have found themselves sworn to never touch it again. But in another perspective, there are others who love margarita and tequila shots and revel in the unique flavors and effects that tequila can have. You can decide for yourself, however the superior brands of tequila being produced are high-quality tequilas that are far different than traditional tales and fables may indicate. Just keep this in mind-evolution has a way of bringing the best out of something.

Tequila Quote: Tequila. Straight. There’s a real polite drink. You keep drinking until you finally take one more and it just won’t go down. Then you know you’ve reached your
limit. ~ Lee Marvin