How to Drink Tequila Like a Pro

How to Drink Tequila

How to Drink Tequila. Most people say the best way to drink tequila is by doing the traditional shots such as lick, drink, suck. However, that way does not always mean that people have to stay strictly by the book. The notoriety for tequila continues to grow and expand in new ways to drink tequila. New traditions and traditional customs of ways to drink tequila have much more to offer than just a mere downing of a shooter.

The very first best way to drink tequila was done through what was known as a horn cup. This cup is also referred to as a caballito and anciently termed a cuernito. This type shot glass is derived from a horn from a cow or bull that is carved and hollowed. The tradition is that an individual would pass the glass around amongst joiners in a grouping. Originally the horn was so bulky and not flattened on the bottom so it couldn’t be placed on a surface or set down. However, much later the horns were filed and cut evenly so that they could be placed upon a surface without tequila spillage.

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Besides drinking tequila this way many people make toasts, establish their own traditions, and create new and exciting ways to consume the essence of Mexico. Tequila connoisseurs have their particular opinion of how tequila should be drank here is that take on how experts drink their tequila – How to Drink Tequila:

  • No lime, no salt, and no ice.
  • Smell the aroma and swirl it around a bit to absorb the pungent odor it possesses.
  • Evaluate the color and bask in its scent.
  • Slowly sip it- don’t shoot it.
  • Evaluate the taste by texture, smoothness, burn.
  • Try to distinguish the flavors of sugars, agave, and other components in the tequila.

If you are not the connoisseur of tequila, than you might just choose the best way to drink tequila – the good old fashioned way. A little salt, lime or lemon, and a great grade of tequila poured in a shot glass. You can choose to chill your tequila, instead of feeling its warming affects as it passes down your throat to your body. However the traditional way to drink a tequila shot:

How to Drink Tequila:

Place tequila in a shot glass Cut a slice of lemon

Lick your hand in the position between your fore finger and thumb and apply salt. 

The consecutive steps go like this- Lick the salt from your hand, shoot the tequila, and suck the lemon.

Many people wonder why the lemon, lime, or salt with the shot. It is utilized to both compliment the flavor of the spirit, and neutralize the burn – such as a chaser does. In other countries such as Europe, the lime is substituted for orange slices. In addition, instead of salt being used, cinnamon replaces it. Also as opposed to shots glasses, sometimes other traditions call for the use of tequila being served in snifters.

However you choose as your best way to drink tequila, your options are plentiful. There are numerous drinks, assorted margaritas, and various methods. If you want to embrace the full essence of Mexico in a glass, however it is exquisite just to find a caballito and sip it as would the ancient Aztecs.

Tequila Quote: It takes only one drink to get me drunk. The trouble is, I can’t remember if it’s the thirteenth or the fourteenth. ~ George Burns