1800 Tequila 100% Blue Agave

1800 Tequila by Jose Cuervo

As a commemorative measure to honor the heritage and establishment of the popular spirit tequila, 1800 tequila brand was developed. This traces back to the ancestry of tequila and its production in Guadalajara, Mexico when the very first mass batches were being made from the blue agave pinas that were fermented, distilled, and aged to perfection. 1800 tequila is produced by the same manufacturer as Jose Cuervo tequila – Casa Cuervo S.A. de C.V., and it is comprised of 100% blue agave.

1800 tequila is actually a special edition type of tequila that honors the traditions and the Mexican origin of the well-known spirit. Just recently they have launched an incredible line that features various artists and their designs on the amazing bottle. This only adds to the appeal that consumers have for the tequila and the bottle. The 1800 tequila has a cap that can serve as a shot glass – what an incredible concept. The 1800 tequila specially released bottle designs are being released in the larger metro cities and feature nine artists original works.

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1800 tequila is a new brand of tequila that has just recently been introduced and is one of the newest of this era. 1800 tequila is known for the quality and enriched agave flavor. It was created and established in 2004 when three distinct labels was introduced. These types were Anejo, Reposado, and Silver. Then later the following year 2005 the brand released the only pre-made margarita in a bottle form. In 2008, 1800 tequila developed one of the rare 100 proof tequilas called 1800 Select Silver. Although it has only had a short stint on the market, this 1800 Select Silver tequila brand is swooning consumers with it’s exquisite bottle, high-quality, and premium taste.

1800 tequila has ranked well in spirit competitions, and it is receiving great ratings and reviews from consumers. Here are a few of the 1800 tequila reviews that consumers are giving this new trendy tequila brand:

  • Great but subtle wood flavoring
  • Premium taste in tequila for an affordable budget
  • Has a smoky, peppery flavor that makes it distinguishable.
  • Great for shots, as a sipper, and even better in mixed cocktails.
  • Slight burn, has hint of cinnamon or spiciness.
  • Good tequila, fancy bottle, light in body.
  • Exceptional presentation, great finish, and smooth aroma and flavor.

1800 tequila is still relatively new, however it has and continues to make a very large impression on the market and the consumers. With all of its features and outstanding characteristics, how could it not become one of the greatest tequila brands of today?

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