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Patron Tequila

Patron is one of the finest brands of tequila that exists on the market today. It is renowned as a luxury brand. Patron is one of the tequilas that are comprised and made entirely out of 100% of the blue agave plant. Patron brand of tequila offers all the various grades and types of tequila including: Anejo, silver, gran patron burdeos, and reposado gran-patron platinum. There are also flavored tequilas that carry the Patron tequila name such as Patron X.O. a coffee flavored tequila and a citrus (triple sec) flavor known as Patron Citronage. All Patron tequila is available in 80 proof.

The most unique trait of Patron tequila is that it is sold in unique bottles that are hand-blown and manufactured individually. Each of these Patron bottles consist of a different number. Patron tequila was established in 1989 by an affiliate of John Paul Mitchell systems, named John Paul DeJoria. His company resides in Las Vegas and is referred to as The Patron Spirit’s Company.

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Patron tequila is renowned for its smooth taste, texture, and premium quality. Here are a few of Patron tequila reviews that consumers gave the luxury spirit:

  • The best tequila ever developed
  • Plain and simple aroma that is still enticing
  • Very exquisite bottle and clarity of flavor
  • Very harsh aftertaste that bites and bites hard
  • Can be mixed in anything and tastes like a million bucks
  • It will get you drunk in not time
  • Well-worth the price tag with it’s smoothness in flavor
  • Perfect in shots, but better chilled

Patron tequila is now sold in many countries including Eastern Europe, Spain, Germany, and Russia. Patron tequila was distributed to more than 75 various countries last year and hit is record mark in sales and profits.

Tequila Quote: Tequila. Straight. There’s a real polite drink. You keep drinking until you finally take one more and it just won’t go down. Then you know you’ve reached your limit. ~ Lee Marvin